Day Thirteen


I overestimated the speed I make these big pieces. I am taking as twice as long. I am not going to meet the deadline if I continue what I have been doing.

There are 8 forms. I would normally like starting with small ones and then move on to larger pieces to warm up, but this time I started with larger forms to give them more time to dry. I will keep it this way.

But larger one needs a even longer drying time than I estimated and needs more than a week the way they are drying now. I decided to change to way so hopefully they dry more evenly in a shorter amount of time. I took shreded wood packaging materials from Donghia when the mirror prototypes arrived in a crate. I stuffed boxes with these wood noodles, making a hole in the middle so a trumpet-shaped vessel can sit upside down. They look like giant eggs in a nest. 

I can get a help with weighing and wedging when the batch I made run out. 

I can throw faster - I am getting better at them, so that's also possible.

I can say no to other commitments - which I already did. I explained and asked to move dinner plans, studio visits, other project deadlines to February.

Monitor how I spend my time.

I can sleep - I learned this from my piano practice when I was a child. Somehow sleep makes me able to play the part I was not able to play no mater how many times I repeated the day before.  Practice but can't play, sleep, wake up and I can play almost magically. This happened not even once but many times.  I go to bed now.