Day Fourteen


I finally brought back a mug from the studio to the apartment. After coming back from Forest - the studio - while taking a shower I was thinking about having a beer. I was craving a beer after a dinner break but it is now kind of late.  The thought of having a tea in my favorite mug while writing made me happy. It is one of the first mugs I made about 4 years ago which has a cylindrical body and an almost too delicate handle I used to like making so much. The grey semi opaque glaze on the brown clay is stoney dry on one side and drippy and cloudy on the other side, making the surface irregular and bumpy. It's one of a few things I want to keep for myself.  

The throwing today went well. I made three top portions and one bottom portion of the trumpet shape and the top and the bottom portions for 5 tall vessels. It was about 7pm and took a break for dinner. I wanted to see if I could make a few more of round vessels to catch up on the schedule. I made one okay, the second one was not good. I made a wall around the neck area too thin. I did not like it so I recycled the clay, cleaned up and left to home. I have a tendency to work non-stop until I become totally exhausted. But thinking the long run I need to listen to my body and know when my arms are tired and my wrists need good stretching.  One of the questions from the artist bio questionaries I submitted the other day asked what tools I can't live without. I said a notebook and a pencil because I need to sketch and write to think and added also my hands to the list.  I can't make anything without these. It is my job to take a good care of them.