Day Fifteen



I am beginning to build a better habit of cleaning clay and tools as I work so I can quickly clean up at the end of the day. Clay is easier to clean when it is still wet before it transforms itself to dust. I used to take an hour to clean up. I did not realize I was spreading a mess during the process. if I paid a little more attention I should have known that cleaning could be made easy by not creating dust to be cleaned to begin with. It's hard to realize things I don't recognize sometimes.  

I assembled the parts I threw yesterday and finished 5 large bottles and 3 trumpet shaped vessels that look much better than the first 5 pieces. This is why I cannot stop making because the one after is going to be better than the one before. It is like a ninja training of jumping over a knee-hight tree which gradually gets bigger and bigger until it eventually becomes taller than a house. Around 2pm I wanted to go outside to interact with something outside of my own brain. The building was quiet today.  Usually there are other people in other studios. I don't go around and knock on their doors but I hear them and see them in the hallway.  I like that I have my own space knowing that there are other activities next doors.  I went to a coffee shop on Graham Ave which was packed with people all looking so intensely busy over their MacBook . I looked at the paintings on the wall and started day dreaming what type of fun installation I can do and imagined giant ceramic balls floating in the middle of the space.

My hands and arms are tired. I am careful with my posture and positions of my hands but weight of clay is tough on them. Now the 2.5 lbs succulent pots drying on the shelves look so tiny compared to these vessels. I was playing Ryuichi Sakamoto's music. His piano performance is so emotional and makes me nostalgic for things I don't even remember.