Day Two

Muji's aroma diffuser turned off again. I must have been sitting down for 180 min. I sat down to work on my daily schedule and monthly goals. For the first few weeks I am going to have a busy schedule for production work but I plan on starting putting in time for personal projects. Then there are a couple of deadlines for the first two personal projects. After that I can start sorting out different ideas and see which one I am going to pursue. I've been sitting here a while because different thoughts come and go and they distract me. I am having a hard time focusing and thinking in my head. I think I was much better at it when I was younger. Thoughts are like dreams that slip away if I don't try really hard to grab on to them. I like trying to remember dreams when I wake up and if I concentrate I can often remember them. More I do more I seem to be able to remember. it is fun to read back my dream notes after a while and to be able to recall the dream vividly. I'm not so interested in the meaning of dreams but rather remembering and forgetting part interests me.