Day Nineteen


I made only 8 vessels out of 16 I wanted to make. I still take longer time to make taller vessels. I am starting noting time I take to throw each piece not only to help me estimate the time the project requires but also to know when to take a break. I did the same thing while working on the bowl project which was my first production work. I noted the time I took to throw each bowl and soon I found my pattern: every 90 minutes I became tired and the throwing time became seginificantly longer, as twice as long. So after 90 munites is a good timing to take a break. This was about 3 years ago so I am curious how I do now. Although sometimes I like working non-stop without watching the clock, totally immersing myself in the work, when I need to meet a deadline I'd better off learning my own pattern.  I am paying more attention to what I eat and how I sleep also. I cannot afford to get sick. When I was employed I had the luxury of taking a day off when my body requires a rest but I am on my own. I want to maintain a good health.