Day Thirty-One


My mimd is rushing. It feels like making things is not the most important thing in the world right now. But I don't think we should stop creating. My mind is rushing. I need to finish packing. The kiln was running unusually slow last night taking more than 17 hours where it usually takes about 14 hours. I was at the studio late last night by myself and was started to get worried and thinking how high the temperature it reaches I got scared. 2200F is awfully high. I know the kiln is built to work with it but late at night alone, staring towards the corner of the studio where the kilns are located looking at the red light seeping through the small gap of the lid some scary thoughts came to mind.  I watched the number going up one, very slowly. Although I knew I packed the kiln pretty tightly it was unusually long. The kiln turned itself off with a beeping sound with an error message. I was disappointed but was relieved, for that I did not burn down the studio nor hurt anyone or myself and now I got to go home.  Late night work is not really my best friend. It brings worries and bad thoughts.