Day Forty-Seven


Why I decided to leave it until the last minutes I don't know. First of all I did not make up my mind fully but just kind of decided to kind of submit it when the time comes, which was today.  I was going to send Fantasy and Nightmare project to Emerging Artist call by Ceramic Monthly Magazine, which deadline is tomorrow.  So this afternoon I wrote the artist statement. Then as I was going though images I remembered the backdrop needed to be cleaned up. Looking for a shortcut I called the photographer who came to my studio a few months ago if he had any photos but heard no answer. I only found 8x10 paper for photo printing, smaller than letter-size paper like they are asking. I don't have a CD nor a CD burner. My UPS guy Fernando waved to me from the other side of the street when I left the studio to a print shop to get the images burned on a CD. They indeed had both CDs and burners but they did not work.  The time was already past 5pm. I checked in with UPS pickup counter and, despite their claimed last pickup time, they already came and left. I grabbed a UPS express envelop and sealed it without a CD under a scaffolding. These things used to be readily available to me. Am I going to call my self an artist and act proudly in clay covered pants, holed shoes and messy hair? Fernando's truck had of course already gone. I saw three UPS trucks going down the other side of Grand Street as I walked from one pickup location to the next and back by the studio to drop-off lockers by a gas station.  I had no idea when they would come to check on these lockers. I pressed a button for the service call which just responded to me with a busy signal. I stared at the brown and yellow doors, thinking when they took out Paul Rand's logo. This is silly. I am sending it and going to drop it off here. Good luck, envelop.