Day Fifty-Two


I almost forgot putting in a fantasy part. I want to be able to pull out different reactions and emotions with these - something other than ones towards beauty - the feelings for strange things and surprises. The snake-like form made me uncomfortable while I was working on it and it became difficult for me to touch. I fear snakes. The stretching neck made it look a little too realistic so I slitted the neck and the belly open and added more meat to make it more abstract, which could be seen as a sea creature, a worm or a plant perhaps. Working on a sculpture is fun. I haven't worked on pieces that are functionless like these for as far as I can remember. I wonder if this feels selfish to not - I'm not interested in explaining who I am with these objects at all but rather creating a mood. I want to surprise people. Now I think about it this "want to surprise people" has been my motivation for making things and designing things.