Day Seventy-One


I am building three forms loosely following a sketch I made a few weeks ago. I use the drawing as a starting point and then I add more clay here, take out more there, so and so forth the shape shifts during the process. One of them is a tall squeezed cylinder wth multiple teeth on one side. As I locked the studio on leaving I noticed the key looked strangely similar to the from I was just building, with the top tooth being the widest followed by smaller teeth just below it. It's like encountering the inspiration in a backwards way. I did not think this standard steel hardware-store key has been speaking to my subconscious. Sure, I could probably draw the similar outline without looking at it. I use it every day. Now I am back home and my toothbrush also again looks like the form. A big head, with smaller teeth below it.  If this is to imply what "inspirations are everywhere" means, I really need to start exploring somewhere beyond my studio and my bathroom.