Day Eighty


I spent a few morning hours on paperwork before heading over to the studio. It took some time mainly looking for a document I misplaced - finding lost objects is the biggest waste of time for me and is something I ever ever ever don't want to do. I can't wait for the day objects grow legs and walk back to their home on their own. I got much better at spending less time looking for things by a traditional way of keeping things in a place they belong but more by not owning unnecessary stuff. 

I went to the studio and loaded a bisque kiln and sent sculpture works to the heat journey that I could not participate. It used to be only glaze firing that made me want to take the moment to pray but after exploring a few pieces in bisque firing it's no longer something I would take any more lightly. I will not be reckless. I will not be attached. Good luck. See you in a few hours.