Day One Hundred


This marks the hundredth day so I want to look back and try to summarize what I have found so far. I went back to the log on the first month's mark, on 33rd day. I still agree with what I have listed - the importance of keeping good daily routines - eating well, sleeping well, excercizing, keeping the surroundings clean - and I am going to list additional things as they pop in my head.

Projets involving others are more fun. Salon Night at Forest and this 365 day project have been unexpectedly rewarding.

The more I spend working on my own projects the more I need to get the works out there, which seems a healthy thing to do. Showing does something to take me to the next project. It's not editing. It's responding. Also keeping things to myself makes it easy to fall into a thought of "what's the meaning of...?"

I want to think I am selling dreams, not ceramics. Or exchanging dreams with others. You may call it happiness, motivations, or inspirations.

When I feel exhausted, useless, worthless and meaningless writing thank-you notes to friends uplifts my soul.

I am still making timid work. I think too much.

I miss working with paper. I love cutting and constructing with paper, and its texture. My next project is going to involve other materials like yarns and paper.

I still feel that I am not putting all I got into works I make.

Usually, do it, than not do it, works for me, when I'm debating either doing it or not.