Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven


A few friends asked me if all was okay since the last log. I moved and my schedule has changed - the routine has changed. Where is my discipline? 

After the last log, for the first few days I was making things without a plan, just frantically making something. I wanted to immerse myself in physically doing without thinking. I needed to move my hands. I broke many things. Clay flew off of the wheel. I made about 30 pieces and a studio-wide mess this way and ended up with three pieces to keep and two 25lb-dry-chemical-material buckets full of clay to recycle. Then I played hooky. I slept through a day and had another lazy day reading and napping on a make-shift sofa with layers and layers of blankets like the bed in a mountain cottage in the Andes. The third day I came back to the studio and started cleaning up. I finally built shelves for the loft space after contemplating for an year. Today I have a better idea. I know what I will be working on tomorrow.