Day One Hundred Fifty-One


Time now, time past, time next. Our ability to remember, to measure. Selected memories. Ten minutes now and then. Stories can bend and change. We the humans are the apparatus for bending and projecting time. Memory makers. The vessel forms - things which can contain - are reminiscence of human organs and body forms. Old time machine is a funny idea.

Seeing me trapped in the same chain of thoughts on the Time Vessel project Gareth suggested that I read fictions to see how writers implemented time travel to their stories. So I'm taking a detour from the journey of porcelain with Edmund de Waal and traveling with 72 short stories. I hope this will inspire new thoughts. The story I read the other night takes place in the future where your past could be altered through a ripple effect of the past modified by someone you hardly know. So I could find myself living in other part of the world after an aunt of my friend's cousin's husband goes back to the past and successfully avoids meeting the person she has met the first time. 

This happened to me. More than a decade ago my sister cried at the Port Authority bus terminal when her bus leaving New York arrived.  I felt uncomfortable. This was what happened until a few years ago when she told me it was actually me who cried. Simlarily it used to be my sister who once brought a bag of nickels and dimes to a restaurant to pay our meal but since we spoke it has been me who brought the bag. My mother confirmed this although she was not there at both occasions. While I can still see in my mind's eye what I thought have experienced, having two people in agreement, which means everyone interested in knowing what happened minus me, now that became what happend.