Day Two Hundred Two


I write about my process of making and where I get inspiration from: 

Ideas can come from a book I read, a conversation I have with my friends, or emotions like dissatisfaction, curiosity, and fear. In a notebook I keep ideas in words and shapes as a reminder.  Ideas I am interested in and want to explore more would appear frequently in the notebook and sometimes friends would tell me that I have been talking about certain things often. I will be spending weeks and months on a project so I want to make sure that I am interested in the subject. Once I have decided on a project I set a deadline, think of a way to show the finished work and start making forms to see how I feel about them. I read and write and show the works in progress and talk to my friends. Make more, destroy more, and make more.

I don’t have a the set process to follow and prefer not to have one so I can be flexible and see what works. Sometimes I make drawings. Sometime I do not make any sketches nor decisions on finishes and dimensions and start working directly with clay. I am attracted to being obsessive and working frantically and this process of just making without thinking can be satisfying. I would make lots of forms knowing that the majority of them would be discarded.  The process depends on the project but it is important for me to use my hands and physically produce works while developing ideas into objects. 

When I feel uninspired the best thing for me to do is to physically work and use my hands and pay attentions to things in life. I don’t have a particular place to go or things I go see. For me inspirations do not fall from the sky.