Anthropologie Artisan Collection, Dotsonpots

New York, NY, 2017


I was commissioned by Anthropologie Home to design and produce a collection of eight vessels for their Artisan Collection, inspired by Dotsonpots series I exhibited at Choplet Gallery in Brooklyn, NY in 2015.

Dotsonpots explores the opposite of the habitual design practice in creating three dimensional imagery with a two dimensional medium. At the time I was in my eighth year working as a furniture designer, and to show my design ideas for the three dimensional furniture I made drawings and renderings on paper and computer. I realized I had never questioned this daily process and I wanted to flip the relationship to see what would happen. With Dotsonpots the three-dimensional ceramic objects become the canvas on which the dot patterns are applied, removing the outlines and depths of the forms, creating a two dimensional image.

For the new collection for Anthropologie I aimed to create an exciting mix of forms, colors and patterns within the group of eight vessels that would make not only an interesting and pleasant object at home as an individual stand-alone piece but also a pleasant collection of objects of any combinations of any number. To achieve the visual variations I used four types of stoneware of various shades of browns, from cream to dark chocolate, and made eight unique forms varying in height and volume, treated with dot patterns of various sizes, spans, and arrangements.  I threw the vessels on a wheel. Before glazing I painted dot patterns with wax, which resists glaze and then burns off in the kiln, revealing the unglazed fired clay color. The pieces are fired in an electrical kiln at 2200F. For more about the original series of Dotsonpots please see here.


Project specs:
Client: Anthropologie  |

Design and Production of a collection of eight unique vessels