Donuts and Mugs

Year: 2017



A topologist would tell you that a donut and a mug are the one and the same. Topology explains how a form can be changed to another through continuous deformation without tearing or gluing, and "allows scientists to understand and predict how new materials are likely to behave". According to this theory a donut can become a mug and vice versa.

I do not know if the topologist considered the fluidity of wet clay in this metaphor but this transformative characteristic is what makes working with clay a joy. Isn't it interesting when things like mugs, the most popular things for potters to make, can relate to seemingly unrelated field of study? You never know how things are connected. Just like how the mathematical idea inspires me to make mugs I hope my work can influence someone far from where I am. This is the fun part of making things - when one day what you have contributed in the past transforms and comes back to you in an unexpected way.