Reception: Tuesday, 4/2, 7-10pm
Cooler Gallery, 22 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, NY

My solo show, Spore, opens on Tuesday, April 2nd at Cooler Gallery, where you will find yourself in groves of sculptural lighting that react your motion.

When I first stepped into the Cooler Gallery's space, past the eight-inch thick door, into a box wrapped in beaten wood slats, I felt some sort of intimacy standing there under its ceiling stabbed with pipes. It isolated me from the outside noise. I imagined some form of life that had kept living and growing quietly inside, consuming the moisture and the residue left behind in this repurposed industrial ice box. In this exhibition, I wanted to make these creatures visible.

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On view at Cooler Gallery until 4/27.



Reception: Wednesday, 3/27, 6-8pm
LMAKgallery, 298 Grand Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY

I’m introducing Stem, the new collection of vessels where I injected hopes for the changing season, the spring! Plants grow from a seed, become trees, and bear fruits with long periods in between that we don’t notice. These changes are everywhere; they are mysterious and wonderful and I feel they resemble our memory and how our minds work. This series is about these undefined periods and a hopeful view towards a change.

I’m also showing a new iteration of You See a Sheep, the hanging lighting collection I first introduced at In Good Company exhibition at FM/S last fall.

This group show features also works by Simone Bodmer Turner, Simone Frazier, Kora Monigle, Maryam Turkey and Lydia Xynogala. 3/27 - 5/24.