Nap Animals

I’m excited to be showing some of the Nap Animals vessels at a unique exhibition, 1000 Vases, curated by Meet My Project, taking place during Paris Design Week.

1000 Vases
17, rue Commines, Paris
September 6th-8th, 2019, 11am-7pm

Nap Animals is a growing series of ceramic sculpture, first introduced during my 2019 summer exhibition Nap, where visitors find themselves in a forest of hanging lights and sculptures, enveloping a “Nap Chair” to sit to take a quite moment away from noise and clutter of everyday lives. Nap Animals sat by the wall opposite from the chair, as if they floated out of the napper's dreams.

Each piece is hand built with coils in cream-white stoneware clay and finished with an unglazed teal-blue stoneware on the outside and a contrasting glossy semi-opaque glaze on the inside. It is then fired in an electric kiln to a high temperature so the clay vitrifies. All the work is done in my studio in Brooklyn, NY.