My Old Sweater

Year: ongoing

Ceramic. 280 x 400 x 480 (mm).

I have a love for my old sweater with holes.

The familiar and comfortable fabric that enclosed my body for many years took my shape and smell, and wore out around my belly where I leaned against the studio table. I want the viewer to draw closer, peek inside through the holes, and see the structure.

I want to show a familiar yet unique material that we associate with bricks and flower pots, in an unexpected form. Unglazed rough red clay, twisted and bent, surfaces forming partially stretched, shrunk, like my old sweater.

I also want to create a form that's achievable because of clay's unique character. In fact there are similarities between fabrics and clay in how they become a form. Like fabric, clay builds on top of its own structure and can be broken-down indefinitely where the smallest unit still carries the same property of the larger piece. Clay can attach to another clay-body and become a larger piece indefinitely, like a thread can attach two pieces of fabric and become an enclosure.