Noma Dinnerware Sets

Chicago, IL, 2017


I was commissioned to design and create 10 sets of 4-peice custom dinnerware for a private client for her second home. The client was looking for something in the style of Noma series, whose finish and application celebrates the contrast of the rough texture of the naked clay with the glossiness of each organic and unique pattern made by the glaze. 

The plates were made in speckled brown stoneware. The manganese in the clay show through as dark brown freckles after firing. 

Project Specs: 10 sets of 4-piece custom dinnerware consisting of 12" dinner plates, 9" diameter salad plates, 10.5" diameter pasta bowls and 6.75" diameter soup bowls. All pieces were thrown on a wheel in brown stoneware with manganese speckles. They are partially glazed in the interior in a glossy milky-white glaze in a swirl motion and fired in an electric kiln at 2200F.