Objects of Our Lives, Gratitude Bowls

Princeton, NJ, 2017



Objects of Our Lives, a concept shop in Princeton, NJ with a focus on slow living and crafted meaningful objects to the community in Princeton, NJ, requested that I create an exclusive line of plates that encourages appreciation for and enjoyment of food, something we often forget to do in our busy lives.

I took the inspiration from the Japanese concept of Itadakimasu (I shall partake), a word to be said at the beginning of each meal to express appreciation, not only toward the person who prepares the meal but also toward the soil, the sea, the sun, and the people who contributed in the farm-to-table cycle. It gives you a moment to enjoy the color, the smell, and the texture of the food on your plate.

I imagined the rich soil and colorful root vegetables, the rough texture of the winter sea, the humorous shapes of squash and mushrooms for this winter edition and chose earthy dark-brown clay and the neutral calm grey glaze.

I paid attention particularly to the shape and the size. First, I aimed to make them suitable for an everyday meal on a hectic day, a one-plate meal to make preparation and cleaning easy. Something that offers a variety of nutrients, like breakfast granola, hearty soup, stews and grain bowls. Second, I wanted to make a piece that can be easily incorporated into sets that customers may already own.


Project specs:
Client: Objects of Our Lives  |  www.objectsofourlives.com
10" diameter wheel-thrown shallow bowls in chocolate brown stoneware and a grey glaze in a satin finish.