Salon at Forest Archive (2017)

December 13, 2017

Salon Social!
There will be no presentation - please come for a friendly conversation.

November 16, 2017


Alice MacKenzie

Revisiting La Frontera
La Frontera: Paisajes Humanos y Naturales/ The Border: Human and Natural Landscapes

For ten weeks during the summer of 1999 Alice traveled from Tijuana to Matamoros along the Mexican-U.S. border. Her journey was mostly by bus along the Mexican side of the geographic line. She stayed with social workers, with members of church organizations, in migrant homes, and in women’s shelters. "I am interested in how migrant women live in this region: women who travel north from parts of Mexico and Latin America looking for better work opportunities along the border itself, or who intend to cross the border to the United States and cannot. These images represent a portion of what I witnessed."

Hilda Shen

Hilda Shen is an artist whose work includes sculpture, monotypes, installations and drawings.  She went in June to Jingdezhen, China, which has been a continually active porcelain center for the last 1000 years.  Seeing the history, technique, and scale of activity in this city was an incredible experience.   Hilda will share photos, video clips, and some thoughts about porcelain and more.

October 24, 2017

Alfred Schatz

For almost ten years, Al has worked in Off-Broadway theater in several different capacities, but most notably in Stage & Set Design. Having no prior theater education or experience, though, he has relied on his years of exhibiting and working in the NYC gallery scene to inform his design aesthetic. It also helps that he's "handy with tools."  Al will be presenting examples of his designs, and discussing the importance of collaboration in a creative environment.


Emily Smith

Emily Smith is a sculptor and dancer. She will be showing clips from her first dance film. Her work teeters between costume and set, and becomes kinetic sculptures. This work started out as an inquiry of home and goes on a journey in collaboration with the dancers, of the notion skidding abodes and where a home begins and ends, and perhaps it just exists within us in our own bodies.

September 19, 2017

Adrienne Robles

It's been twenty seven months since Adrienne first set foot on African soil for the education sector of the Peace Corps. With nothing but butterflies in her stomach, a single duffle bag, and a few months of training, she arrived in Chadiza, a small farming village in the Eastern Province of Zambia. No running water, no electricity, a surrogate family. Now the adventure has come to an end. 

Nam Holtz

Join Nam Holtz, as she enters the final stages of post-production on a documentary film 7 years in the making. "Found in Korea" is about adoption, identity, and Nam's personal search for her birth parents. Nam will share her process of creating, challenges, and learnings from inception to it's current fine-cut format.

August 24, 2017

Amelia Black
A designer who can’t stop making, Amelia utilizes a broad design skill-set to research, make and ultimately invest in ideas and experiences. Thriving through the physical exploration of material stories, whether a brand identity, a publication or a ceramic object - Amelia's work seeks to tell stories you can touch.

Vinay Pai
Vinay is a computer scientist and programmer who's working on understanding and combating the fake news phenomenon. He'll do deep dives into a couple of stories exploring how they originate, morph, and spread, and give a brief tour of his project,

James Corporan
James is an artist and maker whose work includes glass sculptures, paper sculptures and drawings. He will be presenting images of recent three and two dimensional pieces from a developing body of work and speaking briefly about the inspiration for, ideas behind, and history of the works. IG@james_corporan

July 26, 2017

Lincoln Mayne
Lincoln is an artist working in ceramics. He will show us his ongoing series “Beauty Pageant” and speak about his fascination in human conditions, his current interests in stories our minds tell us, and his approach to ceramics.

Jaleh Fazel
Jaleh will show us her ongoing project “Helmets” and talk about her passion for clay which began at the age of 10, and how her work has transformed over the years. 

Marius Ritiu
In his practice he explores ideas surrounding travel, motion, migration and cosmology, reflecting on the importance and/or triviality of heritage, borders, nationhood. Marius will speak about his ongoing series entitled The Global Citizen. For these sculptural works, he collects wood adorned with pre-Christian symbols from the ancient region Maramures in Romania. He cuts and reassembles the wood to form 12 pentagons, and uses a unique Roma processing method to then superimpose Belgian copper plates on top.

June 21, 2017

Dana-Kane copy.jpg

Dana Kane
Dana will show us her ongoing project, Kites, and talk about the history of kites and some early myths regarding the heavens. "I love the symbolism of kites: of reaching beyond the earthly realm and by doing so reaching beyond ourselves to what is hopefully a better world. I have used various shapes and forms to explore different ideas. These explorations have veered from the poetic to the political, and are on going."

Najib Majaj
Najib is a research scientist in Neuroscience at NYU and will talk to us about how changes in our ability to do things as we develop and grow older, can give us insight into how the brain works.

Gaylord Tang
Gayload will share with us what he is working on with his LARP - Live Action Roleplaying Games. He will show us a lino print he made to set the theme and talk about characters and scenarios he has developed and is working on for the future.

Laura Zaveckaite
Laura will talk to us about her porcelain Jesus sculptures and her ongoing installation project in Labanoras Forest in Lithuania.

May 24, 2017

Nick Robles: Photography: Cloud Trap.
Lisa Seebach: Works in clay and metal
Yvonne Olivas: Her dissertation on Lee Lozano
Gareth Anderson: New works inspired by the surrealists

April 25, 2017

Yuko Nishikawa: Ongoing ceramic series, Time Vessels
Kyle Lee:Ceramics, new and past works
Daniel Root: Photography: new and past works
Kyle Dacuyan: Poetry
Thaddeus Wolfe: Glass sculptures "Assemblage"
Gabri Rosina: 3-D printed jewelry

March 28, 2017

Yuko Nishikawa: ongoing ceramic series: Fantacy And Nightmare Today
Yenlin C: Urban planning and landscape architecture
Maki Yamamoto: Her new textile designs and her Japanese textile collection.
Mike Dickey: Ceramic sculptures and glaze.
Nick Robles: Photography with inflated dinosaurs and neon.
Hilda Shen: Ceramic sculptures: fingerprints, small landscapes and nurse logs.

February 28, 2017

Gareth Anderson: Ceramic sculptures, photography and architecture
Alice McKenzie: Her passions for wood firing and ceramics
Shaun Ellison: Current paintings
Shuya Miyazaki / Hitomi Kamimura from Shuya Cafe de Ramen: Sushi and handmade ceramics
Miki Katagiri: Art hat making
Lois Gallegher: Ceramics and shamanism
Charles Rittman: Ceramics, transferware
Yuko Nishikawa: Ongoing ceramic series: Nightmare and Fantasy As Of Yesterday