The James, Succulent Pots

New York, NY. 2017

DSCF5108 2.jpg

I was commissioned to design and produce 380 custom succulent pots for their guestroom bathrooms in part of the artist collaboration project for The James, a boutique hotel located in Nomad in Manhattan. The James focuses on creating an artful experience for their clients by engaging with artists and makers from the communities and around the world.

The client wished to add some colors with these pots to the neutral bathroom design and play with the rough texture of the clay contrasting with the glazed surface, so I responded with a soft and clean color palette in blush, light blue and lavender, with subtle variations within the finish resembling a water color, paired with bold and playful dot patters of the natural clay color. 

I threw the pots individually on a wheel. It has a cylindrical form with a flat bottom so they are stable. To create the dot patterns of naked clay I used wax resist technique where wax is painted on with a brush. Wax prevents the glaze from sticking and burns off during firing, leaving the unglazed natural clay surface. I used two layers of different glazes to achieve subtle variations on the finish within a piece to accentuate the interest of hand-crafted objects.


Project specs:
380 succulent pots in three colorways. 4.5" Dia X 5"H. White stoneware fired to 2200F in an electric kiln. 

Project: The James |

Client: Denihan |

Interior Design: Thomas Juul-Hansen |