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This is a meditation on time travel and our ability to tell stories. We talk about our dreams for the future and dwell on moments in our past. The stories we tell let us travel against the natural flow of time. We are the time machines. These vessels were inspired by human organs. They are our tools to travel through time.

Year: 2017, ceramic
Size varies from 7” (18cm) H to 18”(46cm) H

The Time Vessels project was inspired by my frustration with the limits of time and my desire to manipulate it. Time always falls short and I am not able to finish what I want to have finished. Time restricts me from doing all the things and forces me to make decisions among otherwise endless possibilities.

I found a beautiful idea in James Gleick's book "Time Travel". He suggests that the ultimate time travel is in the essence of story telling.  While we look eslewhere to define what time is and to aid navigating time, we innately have the answer within us.  We talk about our dreams for the future and dwell on one moment in our memory against the natural flow of time.  We are the time machine.

These time vessels are the organs in our bodies, our tools so we no longer have to fight with time. By giving a physical form I am making them exist. If enough of us believe that time vessels actually exist, maybe they could. And if they do, and we know how to live with time, I can do everything!