A rainstorm came through while we were installing this show. The pieces hanging in the space started to feel like dozens of droplets, fluid suspended in the moment like raindrops falling from the sky or vapor released from the earth, frozen in the air. I smelled petrichor: that earthy scent that is present after a fresh rain.

The sense of smell feels personal and instinctive to me, maybe because we don’t have many English words to describe it unlike taste or vision. I want to create work that communicates with our animal senses - that is separate from logical thinking and rather about impulse, something we feel.

August 9-25
Reception: Friday, August 9, 6-10pm
Olio Projects, 723 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA

Olio Projects is founded by artist William Henry Felinski, focusing on the intersection of art, architecture, and design.

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