Day Twenty-Four


I trimmed the last tall piece and wished I made all pieces look as balanced. This was the 11th piece I made in this style including the first two made as a prototype.  I can see some unsureness in the earlier pieces. Would others see that as well on the final product? Perhaps. I unloaded the first bisque and thankfully nothing has exploded or cracked. I rearranged the drying pieces to allow a better air flow around them and put the round pieces upside-down in the nest of shredded wood to expose the bottom, the wetter side of the pots. There will be 3 more bisque loads and I want to make sure they will dry on time. I spent the later part of the day applying wax on the bisque wares. 

I went through items and ordered packaging materials. I dislike the foam peanuts. They fly everywhere, it's hard to clean up and sure, they are made of recycled materials and now biodegradable ones are available but I still can't help the feeling of buying trash.  They don't look pretty either. I remember when I was a kid my grandmother sent apples to my mother in a big box filled with rice husks. We would stick our hands in the box in search for an apple blindly and sometimes husks were stuck deep in the dimple of the fruit. There used to be a mound of rice husks in the back yard. This was before they started dressing up fruits in an individual styrofoam fish-net cap like today.