Day Seventy-Three


I finished building the three forms I have been working on for the past few days. To be able to fire them next week I needed to finish today to give at least one week to dry.  I still want to treat the surface on the tall piece tomorrow but everything else is slowly drying on the shelf. I complained yesterday for taking too much time on the same piece and for loosing the initial idea. I like working quickly to catch the idea before it slips out. I need to grab onto it and realize it before it disappears like how a dream quickly disappears as soon as I wake up if I don't make an effort to hold on to it. Also if I take more time I typically become indecisive.  But I was thinking something else while adding a texture to the tall piece today: the first ideas are frequently the most obvious ones - things similar to what I have seen or made before. They seem interesting enough at first but after spending a few days when they become "done" in mind they quickly become boring. Then I have to come up with other ideas to make them more exciting, mainly for me to have fun making since I am now less attached to them. I become less serious with them. They become less precious. But I have not decided if this is a good process. I would prefer if I could come up with the "other" idea before start making the piece. Also often the first sketches are more interesting than the edited drawings.