Day Seventy-Eight


I skipped one day and told myself no one would notice. Skipping the second day was easier than the first day. The third day was easier still.  It is like when I left home and promised my mother that I would call every week and then I didn't, and another week passed by. I have procrastinated and accumulated enough work to make myself overwhelmed: the taxes, the insurance, the bank paperwork, the submissions I have to make, the writing I want to publish on my website, the blog contents I promised to my friend weeks ago, the logo design I was supposed to work on, consolidating the firing log, reviewing the expenses, and other sometimes uninspiring tasks which seem to take forever to complete even though, funny enough, in reality often they don't. I came up with an idea for a "junk drawer" hour where I would go through and declutter small random stuff I collect over a week. Whenever I come across unplanned things in middle of other projects I would put them in this imaginary drawer. The only way for this to work is that I make sure I go back to it once a week. Smaller tasks are harder to get done at times. Collecting acorns do not seem as rewarding nor glamorous as chasing a bison. Unless I find a golden acorn, maybe.