Day Sixty-Two


From where I am sitting in the living room I see moving clouds and the water changing its color by minute. If I lie down in the couch it looks like the house is floating in the sky. Yesterday we hiked the Seal Haulout trail hoping to see seals, which were said to come out to rest on the seaweed covered rocks during low tide, but any moving things that we thought could be seals were birds. It sounds like no one in this town actually have seen sleas coming out to the shore. We did not see anyone during the 3+ mile hike. It snowed a little bit on the way back but by the time we got back to the lighthouse out in the sky were toy-like pink clouds that looked like something sugary. The clouds are becoming thicker over the ocean. The compass is telling me that I am staring in the direction of Turks and Caicos Islands.