Day One Hundred Three


I made little progress clay wise today. I only threw a few pieces and recycled and wedged clay. The rest of the day I spent getting ready for the sale events. I want to sell them all. I want to create an environment where visitors can enjoy and take a few peices as a souvenir. It was Friday and it was Good Friday and there were three of us at the studio - it is nice to have a living energy in the space. Within just a few days it looked like the day has gotten extremely longer, the things are growing and the air is brighter. One of my roommates is moving out today. The empty living room echoes too much. I am moving within two weeks too. I do not have many belongings thankfully -  I used to want to own many things and at some point that faded, not sure how or why or when, but I do not like owning many things. I was thinking about the oldest thing I own, which must be a pink sawn felt pouch with a flower pattern my kindergarten friend gave me. I still remember her name. I was short and she was tall and her hair was in braids. She was weak though, with asthma maybe, and moved to an even northern part of Japan when where we were was pretty north already. After so many moves, this time being probably about my 14th, I still have it. I have no idea where she is but I want to keep it. Something just stuck.