Day One Hundred Seventeen


Time. Two nights ago at Salon Night we spoke that my time pieces might be related to the evolution of time. That idea did not come to me first and as I was thinking about this today I thought I see time differently.  My relationship with time is instead quite choppy and incohesive. Unrelated things can occur at the same time. How I remember things and perceive time is achronological.  We also talked about mold - I'm interested in colors and formations of mold - the pinks and blues and greens  - The idea I want to use on the time pieces not knowing why. Someone mentioned that it could be the element of decay that I'm relating to them. Maybe. But I'm thinking today it is more like a forgotten piece of bread, a thing that can disappear from my life just until it reappears with moldy colors. Would anyone know the moment the mold just starts developing? Or mushrooms - would anyone know or ever observe the moment they come out of the soil? Now I am just writing about things that come to mind but when I work on clay I want and try to work fast without thinking too much. I just want to make and make and make. I would let thoughts go just as quickly as they come.