Day Eighteen


This is a physical work. It is like a sport. My body is achy. I threw 8 7-lbs vessels and prepared clay for 8 8-lbs and 8 7-lbs vessels to be thrown. I am supposed to throw 24 vessels tomorrow to catch up on the schedule. They are open forms so it will take less time but I will probably be able to make 16 of them and can finish up the remaining 8 the following day.   Once everything is thrown I can relax a little.

I am enjoying making larger pieces more. It involves a movement of my whole body and not just my arms and hands. If I loose focus and start thinking about something else the form starts to wobble. I am working with the clay. I have never work with materials as intimately as I do with clay. It tells me what it wants to do if I focus and listen to it just like a conversation to get to know a person. I can't force it, I let it know what I want it to do, I need to know what it wants to do and work with it. When I focus and be engaged with the clay it will give me a shape I want but if I loose my attention I will loose the shape too. 

Thinking about hosting salon nights at the studio and invite people from different fields to have a conversation.