Day Twenty-One


I came home to two things in the mail that lifted me up: a package my friend sent me from Japan and a card from a lady who purchased a mug from me a few weeks ago. The package included notes on a card with an illustration of a raw egg yolk killing time on a bed of egg white, clearly turned off by the approaching chopsticks. The card from the lady has a beautiful illustration of Cooper's hawk. They are not only personal. it's something about handwritten notes emails or txts don't translate that I appreciate so much. I think of time -the moment the each letter was put down leaving slight imprints on the surface. How the words fill the space and the way they sign their name for their millionth's time, it's just wonderful. I want to start sending more handwritten notes. When I started working in clay I did not think of these exchanges which I now enjoy as much as the act of making itself. 

I finally finished throwing all forms. I am two days behind the original schedule. I hope all pieces will dry safely.