Day Twenty-Two


I finished trimming the last two forms, unloaded the bisqued succulent pots and loaded a few pieces of the vessels that were dry and ready for bisque firing. The last form I threw looks like an hour-glass, with wider top and bottom and a narrow waist, which I couldn't quite get on center except on the last two pieces. It is obvious on a wheel and they dance side to side while I was trimming them. I made this form the last to throw because its open form would help dry faster than others and I thought it was easier and faster for me to make but it turned out to be a trickier shape. 

As the air has been humid the past few days the recycled clay on the plaster slab is still wet after whole two days. The clay felt like even sweating on a wheel. I hope that they will dry so I can wedge it up and clean up the area. I am using 6 different clay on current projects and having unsorted buckets of clay in sight just does not help me feel I am moving along to the next phase.

I cleaned up and left home around 6pm, early compared to the past days. I went grocery shopping and cooked a big pot of stew and rice for the week. I want a good routine of grocery shopping. When I am at the studio all the time I tend to neglect the chores in the apartment.