Day Three

I finished packing up 23 boxes. The packing is a mundane task but it is part of ceramic business. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if they were small unbreakable items or even things that can be sent electronically. The interesting and maybe the encouraging part is just like anything else the more I do the faster and the better I get. There are thoughts I can make it better - how they will be opened, how they will be stored... yesterday I pulled out a MacBook from a white precisely designed packaging that was a totally different experience from forcefully pulling out a thick plastic bag from the confusing carton of an Epson printer. 

Some thoughts while packing - what are the oddest things I can do this year?

I could:
- Go camping for weeks
- Hike for many days
- Go to Spain and take guitar lessons and join a band
- Build a tree-top house
- Apply for Whitney Biennial
- Make a film
- Sell my studio
- Host a dinner party of 200 people in a park
- Live on a beach for a month on an island

I don't have the intention of selling my studio of course - and that's why it is odd - but as an idea it is possible. It is setup for ceramic artists to move in and start working in the minute they walk in. I shared the list with Gareth and he does not think they are odd at all. Where are my crazier and odder thoughts ?