Day Five


I am continuing on the second half of the succulent pots project. I threw 49 pots. At this pace I will be able to finish throwing in 4 days. It is now much easier after the first half. Weighing and wedging the clay takes time - I should plan to have a help for this task. The new standing up position is working so far. I don't like sitting up and down and standing on my feet keeps me in the flow of the movement. This feels like a sport or maybe like a piano practice. After 20 or 25 pots it starts to become a rhythm. I am not fighting with time anymore. I can enjoy the flow of time, I can hear the music and I don't want to leave but just keep going with it.

The big dot piece broke in the bisque firing. I thought I gave enough drying time but it broke along the seam line that I did not think it would break. Now I remember this happened before. It is the moment that I want to pretend that it did not happen. That is my typical reaction. Let's pretend that it did not happen and maybe if I pretend really hard and perhaps also involve other people to pretend with me maybe it did not happen. I don't remember it worked that way though.  Clay has its own pace, I need to work with it.