Day Six


It took me some time to focus on work today. I knew I should have left the studio at a decent time to get a good night's sleep. Part of me fantasizes working all night until the crack of dawn. It's the little secret act of working through the night while everyone is asleep that gives me a bit of pleasure. But the body started falling asleep -  I had to give it a rest. 

I'm working on answering questionnaire for the upcoming projects:

Finish the following:

a. Happiness last year was...

The happiness last year was that I built my ceramic studio where I can do my work. I built with my friends all furniture and fixture including work benches, the shelving fixture, and work counters for the space with hand tools while I was still working full time. We had long nights and weekends and an achy body but it was thrilling for me to see how an empty box transformed into a functional work environment. It was my first big project that I hired someone to do some work for me where I found it is more fun to have other people involved in the process and build something together. 

b. Happiness today is...

Happiness today is that I am able to work in my studio in projects I want to try.  This is a year for me to play and find out what I can do myself in contrast to the past few years where I have been trained to design for an established brand. Happiness today is also that I have encouraging words from my friends and colleague that make me feel I am capable. Happiness today is that I am healthy, have good friends and able to structure my day.

c. Happiness tomorrow is...

Happiness tomorrow is that I don't yet know how it will be.