Day Eight


I am working on large thrown pieces and it is taking a longer than I like. I am pretty good with cylindrical forms now after 200+ pieces thrown. I am pretty comfortable with making bowls too in the same way. I guess after making 200+ of tall bottles I should become better at it. 

Thinking about the way to make the studio operation less painful and more fun one of the things I started doing is to have a bucket of water and a mop out when I start a day. so at the end of the day I am forced to empty out the bucket and since throwing out clean water is just silly I naturally mop the floor. After many hours of physical work usually filling a bucket with water seems a painful task. It would actually take only a few seconds but it becomes another thing I have to do before I turn the light off and go home.  This system also makes the cleaning throughout the day easier.

Another thing that is working for me is to make the bedroom look clean in the morning before I leave. It is nothing more tiring than coming home to a messy bedroom after working. I want to come home to relax and be ready to sleep.