Day Forty


This week went fast. I thought again that this was Friday. A week ago I was still packing and on summarizing the first month I stated a month-long writing did not improve my writing skills. Just yesterday I talked about feeling more comfortable writing. The time has started distorting again. I don't like feeling - oh what happened, cannot believe that it is today already! This is a continuing theme in my life. Soon I would say, oh I cannot believe I am 80 years old! It's one of the reasons why I wanted to keep a journal so I am there to recognize the moment and remember the moment.  I have limited memories from my high school years. I asked my mother what I was up to those days and she replied I was sleeping. Whether she meant it literally or figuratively I'm not sure, but I suppose both. 

I used to be really bad with time. I was always late for classes and was running through train stations chasing closing doors. My sister declared she would never go out with me again after the second time she spent 40 minutes waiting for me at a station. I was always late coming home from school ( I had a reason: I was more interested in finding new routes than coming home on time). I got much better and started paying attentions to time as I got older, realizing being late is a way to loose time. Now my watch is set five minutes ahead. I need this extra 30 degrees on the face of the clock to match my somehow distorted perception of time. So now I'm thinking may be I can also modify the calendar to match my perception of days and weeks. I have been using the same calendar system throughout my life like the rest of the world where days are organized in 7 columns. Maybe I can modify the visual cue to match my idea of a week period?