Day Forty-Two


I was feeling a little angry today. Yesterday I was grumpy. The stuff! Too much stuff again. When this happens swimming usually helps me feel better, a lot better. But today it was not working. I have been taken a few hours a day to clean up the studio the past few days and yet it did not look like I made much progress.  I have not anything fun or creative this year yet. All production work but I am at the end of it soon.  I am not the cleanest, neatest person in the world. Particularly growing up I was a messy kid. I was just remembering the time my mother had enough of my messiness and threw the stuff I had spread on the floor in my nook in the back yard.  I looked around the studio and oh man - where will I begin. Does it have to do with something ate?  I usually don't have a craving for sweets and rather don't like them but the past few days somehow I started eating ice cream. Is this what sugar is doing to me?

So I was thinking thing morning.  I spent the afternoon cleaning up, getting rid of old glaze test tiles, going through stuff, and taking care of the plants which made me feel a little better. Being angry makes me tired so I am not a fan.