Day Thirty-Three


One month has past since I started working full-time in my studio. Here are things working / not working for me so far:

Swimming in the morning makes me happy: towards the end of last year and the beginning of this month I did not go to the pool and I was tired. My knees that I hurt from too much walking a few years ago started to have a bit of pain again. It was mainly because I was working late, getting up late, and since I prefer to be at the studio earlier I skipped the morning swimming to save time in the morning. I tried going in the afternoon a few times but morning works better for me, and especially when I am busy and feeling tired swimming helps me stay active and generally feel energized and happy. Also I missed seeing familiar faces at the pool.

Going to bed early and getting up early sets me a better daily routine: I like spending some quiet time in the morning before starting the day and waking up early helps me achieve that. To get enough sleep I would need to go to bed early. Pushing myself and working long hours into past midnight means for the next 3-5 days I would be tired and unfocused. It's better to keep a regular schedule and have a rest. 

Alcoholic drinks do not give me a good night's sleep: drink less, sleep well and eat well. 

Night maybe a better time to write: in the beginning I was writing at the end of the day before I go to bed and then switched to morning after the first block of working hours but I want to switch back to night; it is a better time for me to reflect the day.

Writing skills do not improve much just by writing everyday.

Cleaning does not require a lot of time if I do in a small portion everyday.

Negative thoughts come easily when I am physically tired.