Day Thirty-Four


The packing is done. Now to  the succulent pots project. A pile of boxes supposed to be picked up is still there by the door like a giant wrapped pack of meat. Throwing after a few full days of packing feels fresh. It's good to feel wet clay again but this repetitive throwing tests my patience and an ability to focus. I took on this job because it was not only a great project to be part in but also an interesting challenge to make so many pots but since now I know I can do it and I am able to visualize how it will be done I want something new, the next. I have not put any more thoughts to other project ideas I had in mind  - what happened to the cookbook project and the nightmare series? I do not like saying that I am busy - but I have been occupied and did not put time to think of other things. Now it is a good time to go back and brain storm again. I can't find the notebook that I kept future project ideas on. I really hope I did not accidentally packed in that giant meat pack.