Day Ninety-Nine


I woke up this morning realizing the one third of this year is almost over. What have I accomplished? I feel rushed. Time can past like a dream if I don't pay attention. It warps and takes me to a place where I want to belong forever until I get exhausted and only when I come back I can realize much time has passed. Sounds familiar. It's easy to think of things undone. So what will I want to do next? What is the process I want to spend the next four months with? Keep writing: because it helps me, to reflect and remember the day. It makes moments stick. I want a project that I can take to the showing phase, the phase after the pieces are made.  Studio shows are fine, but I can only bring my fiends, who already support my works. There is nothing wrong with this but I have done it and want to try something else. I quickly drew up a calendar. I can only fit five projects.