Day Ninety-Six

I’m on my way back to NY from Milan design week and I am happy that I’m going back. I cannot wait to go to the studio and start using my hands and making again. After a few days of being an viewer I feel like something is wrong, as if the same shirt I wore the other day somehow does not fit me anymore at all. I wrestle with the white envelop trying to adjust my shoulders and arms so I can stretch but I can’t. A bit of claustrophobia. 

I’m not complaining, I’m happy that I came; conversations and the time I had with people around me are the best things I take away from this trip. It is not my habit to talk about my projects - but that’s exactly why I do it -  talking in my own words is not always easy because sometimes it can seem ordinary and boring but that’s okay, I do it today for what I’ve got and if I don’t like it I can do it another way tomorrow.

One of the great shows at Fuorisalone I saw is Nendo: in design it is easy to talk about visuals and mechanical functions - What Nendo’s works do to me is they seem to be able to erase cookies in my brain and make me see things I have seen million times in my life fresh. I am looking at their works as if I was a child finding new things because they are still new to their surroundings. They can make a crushed ball of office printing paper the most fascinating thing you have ever seen. They make me go, wow a folded piece of office paper! Wow, a torn poster! How often do we encounter things like this, and they can do this without explaining with words.