Day Ninety-Seven


I am now back to Brooklyn. I spent the afternoon at the studio throwing production pieces. It's been a while since I sat at the wheel. The studio looks like as I left it, except that the smaller hibiscus plant has about two dozens of flowering buds in two rows. 

On the plane back I sketched out a list of projects I want to do for the next few months. Among the shows I saw in Milan I am most interested in seeing the environments and how objects interact with the viewers. We talk a lot about telling stories and making emotional connections with the audience these days. It is never just about a product. The same wine in a plastic cup I have in a tight and hard airplane seat while staring at a screen 10" from my nose cannot taste the same as the one I have in a beautiful stemware while a seeing a gypsy guitar music performance. I am just remembering after school camping dinner about a half of cooked white rice was left in the bottom of a cooking pot. Everyone said they were full so were unable to eat it.  I made rice balls, with no pickled plums or seasoned seaweed but just triangular packed rice.  I made several of them, perhaps 4 or 6. Then kids came and ate them. In a few minutes all rice balls were gone. It's the same rice. It's interesting how the look changes our perception, - also how we remember insignificant events that seemed to have no meaning when they happened.

Sidetracked - going back to the project list: I want to make happy things. Happy colors and happy forms in a happy environment. I spent a few weeks making creepy forms trying to define fantasy and nightmare but it is time for me to stop observing and thinking if this is this or that.  Now I want a project that keeps the fantasy alive. I want to think about how the pieces interact with the audience so the project will not stop when the pieces are made. I like happy things. Fun things.