Day One Hundred Fifty


I started working on larger time pieces. I was not happy with the scale I was working in. This must be the comfortable size range for my hands, which I realize has grown the past few years but I still think I work too small. I want to go bigger.  After studying the sketches I decided to go with slabs instead of throwing. It seems like if I work on a wheel for a while it becomes easier to go on a wheel. Mixing up methods and tools should help braking up the monotonous scale and the forms. I am now thinking of including varieties of physical locations in addition to varieties of actives in my day. Going one place to another does not mean having a productive day but I have a suspicion that being different locations relates to my perception of having a fuller day. If this is true, to trick to make me feel satisfied could be to allocate certain tasks to a place. For example I can limit my clay work to the studio. When I draw I would go to the study. When I read I would go to the park and I would write in a coffee shop and so on.