Day One Hundred Fifty-Two


I wake up when robins sing. Herbs look happy. I make myself tea and write at the kitchen counter. Four sqirrels are frantically running up and down the trees in the back yard as if running away from something. I bike my old English lady's bike to the pool. A bunch of guys hanging outside Anthony's panini place. I see my pool friends. I buy muesli ingredients from Whole Foods the way back home. Eat breakfast. Walk through the park to the studio. White globes of dandelions are replaced by white clover flowers. I work on ideas on a sketchbook for an hour and make a plan for the day. I work with clay. Friend comes in to fire his piece for his show. I work. I eat lunch, read, work, clean. I write and draw. Walk through the park back to home. Have martini. Wind feels nice. Have dinner. Go to friend's show. Stroll through the old neighborhood in a warm summer night to the apartment. It still smells a bit from the fish dish from the dinner party. Make tea. Read. Go to bed with an icepack on my shoulder. Everything is alright.