Day Forty-Four


I did three things that I have not done a long while.

I went to Donghia studio the first time since I left at the end of December. I often think excitements and nervousness feel similar and think they might be actually the same thing happening to our body. It's the rushing heart beat and the unusual uncomfortableness I get to decide if I'm nervous or excited.  This was the feeling I had in the elevator going up to the studio. But as soon as I saw the familiar faces I felt welcomed and I appreciate I am able to feel that way. For this I say arigato, which derived from arigatai, meaning uncommon and precious. 

Second, I went to a museum to see Voulkos exhibition at Museum of Art and Design. Only, the show was closed today for a floor repair. I got to see fiber artworks by Francoise Grossen, which got me excited (again being nervous and excited feel so similar to me). Now I am thinking of combining fiber and ceramic in my work - I think for Fantasy and Nightmare project it may work in an interesting way - something fading, from fiber to ceramics, the play of different volumes and body... something to play with.

Third - I went clothing shopping and I now have a pair of pants with no hole.